Who we are?

LinguaConnect is a community of language teachers.  Our goal is to create a collaborative and engaging virtual space for teachers all over the world to share ideas and resources.  If you are a language teacher, join us!

What can I do when I become a member?

There are lots of different ways that you can engage in this community.  Here are some ideas:

  • Browse the groups to find one that interests you and join in the conversation.  
  • Do you have some YouTube videos that you find really great to use in class?  Add the link to the videos page, select a category and some tags, then upload it.  It will be findable by other members who are looking for a great clip to show.
  • Enrich our resource pages by submitting your favorite links.
  • Ask your most pressing language teaching questions on the timeline so that the community can weigh in.  Share your successes here too so that we can all benefit.
  • If you've got a project or activity that you just love, upload it to our library of files.
  • See who else is in the community using the people search feature and connect with others by becoming friends.

Community Tour

Lingua Connect Tour from Lynne West on Vimeo.

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